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5 Great Tips for Sucking Your Boyfriends Dick Better

Hey girl,

you need to learn how to suck your boyfriends dick properly if you want to keep him happy and satisfied.

Men are animals – we want and need good sex, and we are EASY to control when we have these sexual needs satisfied.

There’s NOTHING hotter than a woman submitting herself to me and my dick, and worshiping it with fire in her eyes.

That’s when a man falls in love. It’s a fact – women that suck cock like a pro live a happier life with a more fulfilling relationship.

So put in the effort if you want to make your guy smile every day and treat you like a Queen.

Here are five tips for sucking your guy’s dick better just to get you started. These are tips that you can apply immediately and they will instantly improve the quality of your BJ’s.

1. Involve the balls in the game girls.

A blowjob without the balls in the game is like football without beer. You have to live up to the potential of that blow job, don’t waste your talents.

Whenever you suck your guy’s dick – do something with his balls. Lick them, suck on them ( gently ), lick them fast and slow, up and down, you can even bite his balls gently and look up at him sexily.

If his balls are hairy, you can even shave them, because then he’ll enjoy it a lot more when you caress them and suck on them.

2. Be more appealing.

Your guy is a visual creature, he wants you to create a SHOW when you suck his dick. Imagine you are shooting a porn movie that needs to SELL.

What sells in porn?

When you are a HOT slut that’s TOTALLY devoted to his dick. Do it for the camera, open your mouth, let him fuck it. Let him make you gag. I know it sounds easier than it is, but – hey – if you love your boyfriend, and you want him to love you more than you love him – then you have to go through some pain.

No pain, no gain. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Anyway – create a show when you suck his dick – that’s how the pro’s do it. Dress hot.

3.  Look at him.

Your eyes make the connection. When you suck your guy’s dick – you need to create a deeper connection between the two of you.

His cock, your mouth, his eyes, your eyes – create a portal of love, and suck the life out of his dick.

Let him see the fire of desire in your eyes. You want his dick, you need it, you adore it, you can not live without it. Let him see and FEEL the passion in you as you trust in and out, and lick, and suck and…


Make a sound, for God’s sake.

It’s ridiculous how many of you girls just suck away on that dick as if it was a piece of sausage. Bring in some EMOTIONS into that blow job. And, remember – it’s NOT a “Job” and you shouldn’t consider it one.

It’s an investment for your future. So suck that cock with passion or don’t suck it at all. Let him hear the music. Moan – louder than him!

That’s another component of a great blow job.

5.  Keep it tight.

A common mistake a lot of chicks make when they suck dick is that they are TOO soft. They don’t put enough pressure on the guy’s dick.

They are just soft and make this “I’m working on an important project” face that can never get a guy to cum.

Especially if you make the “Why didn’t he cum yet?? What am I doing wrong??” face. That will kill the mood for sure.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to hold that cock strong. Let him jerk off, and see how he does it.

It’s the best investment you can make for your sex life. Period.

Your friend,

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